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Google Gemini

Google launches Google Gemini


Google has officially introduced Google Gemini, Google’s so far most advanced AI model, developed by Google AI.




  • Google launches Gemini on the 6th of December 2023, the most capable AI model in history
  • Google Gemini is a group of large language models, also called LLLMs
  • The model is considered one of Google’s biggest projects to date in the Artificial Intelligence space 
  • The model understands complex topics, expert coding and is capable of multitasking
  • Google Gemini will have a crucial impact on SEO 


What is Google Gemini?


Google Gemini is the most advanced artificial language model developed by Google DeepMind and led by CEO and co-founder Demis Hassabis.


Google Gemini is the culmination of Google’s ongoing commitment to developing and refining the best possible AI model. 


The model is capable of combining multiple tasks and processing different types of information, including text, code, audio, image and video.


“It (Google Gemini) will bring new waves of innovation and economic progress and drive knowledge, learning, creativity and productivity on a scale we haven’t seen before.” Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet.


Are there different Google Gemini versions? 


There is currently one version of Google Gemini, Gemini 1.0, which is optimised for three different variants: Gemini Ultra, Gemini Pro and Gemini Nano. 


  • Gemini Ultra – designed for ultra complex tasks
  • Gemini Pro – designed for different types of tasks
  • Gemini Nano – designed for on-device tasks


What impact will Google Gemini have on SEO? 


Google Gemini will potentially have a significant and multifaceted impact on SEO, which will likely have direct and indirect influences on SERP. 


As Google continues to innovate and advance the capabilities of the model, the best thing SEOs can do is to stay on top of Gemini’s developments and adapt the strategies accordingly.


Here is what we can expect in SEO: 


  • Improved search results: Gemini’s ability to understand context and user intent could lead to more accurate and relevant search results, potentially benefiting websites with good-quality content. 
  • Enhanced user experience: Gemini’s conversational interface and ability to answer questions directly within search results could streamline the user experience, potentially increasing engagement with websites.
  • New SEO opportunities: Gemini’s multimodal understanding could open up new avenues for SEO, such as optimising for voice search and multimedia content.
  • Reduced website traffic: Gemini’s ability to answer questions directly within search results could potentially reduce the need for users to visit websites, leading to decreased traffic for some.
  • Increased competition: Gemini’s potential to generate high-quality content could lead to increased competition in search results, making it harder for websites to rank.
  • Tweaking SEO strategies: Just like any other Google Algorithm Update, websites might need to adapt their SEO strategies to accommodate Gemini’s different approach to understanding and ranking content.
  • A learning process: The full extent of Gemini’s impact on SEO is still unknown as Gemini continues to develop. 


What actions should you take for Gemini? 


  • Continue to optimise for helpful content: Focus on highly engaging content that addresses user needs and intents. 
  • Make more use of images and videos: As Gemini will be able to understand a lot more, it makes sense to utilise multimedia content more.
  • Keep up to date with Gemini: Stay informed about the model and adapt when needed. 


Is Google Gemini the future of innovation? 


It’s highly likely Google Gemini will be the future of innovations: It will help shape creativity and science, and not at least, it will transform the way we live and work. For SEO, we are excited to see what is ahead of us.