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Keyword Research

Keywords are so much more than just important words in SEO that help improve your website’s rankings. Keywords are the very foundations in understanding the user intent and optimising content for the search engines. 


Keywords are the strategic foundation upon which your digital marketing success is built.

Keyword Research Services

Our keyword research service helps identify the most relevant and high-performing keywords to improve your website’s visibility, keyword rankings, attract qualified traffic, and ultimately, increase conversions.

Search Intent

Search intent is the reason behind someone’s search query intention.

When we analyse keywords, we don’t just look at at search volume. High search volume doesn’t always equal high conversions.


We look at the intent behind the keyword. If the intent is right for your audience, we will focus on targeting that.

Identifying the intent behind the keyword is key to a successful keyword strategy. 

Keyword Mapping

Keyword mapping is a crucial phase of keyword research. 


Keyword mapping not only helps organising your keywords but also prevents keyword cannibalisation:


This occurs when closely related keywords compete, confusing search engines like Google about which ones to prioritise for ranking your website.


As a result, this can lead to missed opportunities for conversions.


With our advanced keyword mapping and keyword research expertise, we will transform your keyword strategy into a powerful asset for your online success.

Data-Driven Approach

Our approach to keyword research is all based on data that help your business grow from ranking a keyword to convert.

Once the keyword analysis has been conducted and integrated into the SEO strategy, we use analytical tools to monitor and adjust when necessary for continuous improvement. 

Keyword Research FAQs

A keyword research is an important initial step in any SEO strategy, and it is therefore never too late to conduct one. 

Keywords research is crucial because it reveals what users are searching for and guide the content you need to offer to fulfil their needs.

In order to stay relevant, it’s recommended to reevaluate your target keywords every 3-6 months.